Sunday, October 27, 2013


I brought up the issue recently that New York sports radio has gone downhill, noting for specific disgust WFAN host Mike Francesca.

Francesca, who has been on the air for 25 years, has consistently become grouchy, mean and obnoxious, while also belittling fans and defending some star athletes like Alex Rodriguez rather than challenging them with tough questions.

He brought that to the highest level on Friday when he had New York Daily News reporter Michael O'Keefe on the air and insulted and abused him, while also making wrong claims about the news gather process.

It was a real embarrassing bully session that is beneath the top radio market in the country.

Meanwhile, Francesca defends his softball approach to A-Rod saying he would not ask him tough questions because he won't answer. Not journalism.

The interview/brawl is HERE.

WFAN weekend host Richard Neer the following day took Francesca on, noting he made a mistake.

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