Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Watching Fox News try to cover the first day of online registration for Obamacare finds some of that channel's worst slanted attacks.

Claiming some online glitches are a preview of widespread failure is beyond even their track record of poor reporting.

Eric Wemple gives a good account of it HERE:

As uninsured Americans find themselves on the eve of getting brand-new options to secure health care, desperation at Fox News is surfacing. It has been fighting this law from the start, highlighting any bad news related to the Affordable Care Act and suppressing the good news. The tone has been uniform; the skepticism has spread across most time slots; and the inspiration comes from on high, as Fox News chief Roger Ailes has made public his disregard for Obamacare. Let the record show that Fox News, in its assault against Obamacare, has moved from attacking legislation to attacking Q and As.

Read more HERE.

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