Wednesday, September 26, 2018


I’m pleased to announce the launch of my new podcast: Joe’s Media Corner, which I hope to make at least a weekly production.

It will be found regularly at and offer interviews and insight into a vast array of media issues and outlets  - from newspapers to broadcast and cable to the Internet and more. 

With my 30-plus years in journalism -- 18 of them on the media beat -- I hope to provide a different take on today’s news and media landscape, similar to what I post here, that goes outside of and beyond the expected issues and coverage. 

My first podcast, posted today, offers an in-depth interview with White House Correspondents Association President Olivier Knox. He discusses his take on the ongoing battle over press access in the White House, which he reveals has sparked at least three of his colleagues to obtain their own security detail due to threats.

You can find out more and listen to the first episode at

If you are interested in advertising or have any other views or information you can reach me at More information on my background can be found at

Also, lookout for my new book on media issues and the real problems and challenges today’s news outlets face. 

It is set for publication in mid-October. More on that to come.

Thanks for reading and listening. 

Best, Joe

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