Thursday, April 23, 2015


If you were wondering what notable names plan to attend the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday, this list was leaked to us. 

The guests range from Senator Rand Paul to Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo to stars of Modern Family and Blackish to Jane Fonda, as well as one-time Seth Meyers punching bag Donald Trump.

No surprises jump out, but for your information:

Abbott Greg Governor, Texas
Al Otaiba Yousef Amb. From United Arab Emirates
Anderson Anne Irish Amb. To US
Anderson Anthony Black-ish
Araud Gerard French Ambassador to the US
Ayotte Kelly Senator from New Hampshire
Bernard Jeremy The White House
Bharara Preet US Attorney, So. District NY
Bisogniero Claudio Italian Amb. To US
Blinken Antony Dept. of State
Boone Megan NY, NY
Bowen Sharon Commissioner, CFTC
Bowen Julie Modern Family
Bowser Muriel Mayor, Washington, DC
Breedlove Philip Gen., US Air Force
Brennan John Director, CIA
Britton Connie Nashville, TN
Brooks James L. Director & Producer
Buffenbarger Thomas Pres., Machinists Union
Burrell Ty Modern Family
Burwell Sylvia Secretary, Dept. of Health & Human Services
Bush Sophia LA
Caldiero Ray LA
Campbell Naomi London, England
Carter Ashton Secretary, Dept. of Defense
Chaffetz Jason Rep. from UT
Chasez JC LA
Coderre Denis Mayor of Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Cohan Lauren actress
Comstock Barbara Rep from VA
Crawford Chace LA
Cummings Elijah Rep. from MD
Dane Eric Beverly Hills, CA
Dermer Ron Amb.  From Israel
Doer Gary Amb from Canada
Donnelly Joe Senator from Indiana
Donovan Shaun Dir., Office of Budget & Management
Eastwood Scott actor
Eichner Billy comedian
Fauci Anthony S. NIH
Ferguson Jesse Tyler Modern Family
Finer Jonathan Dept. of State
Fischer Stanley Vice Chair, US Fed. Reserve
Fonda Jane Beverly Hills, CA
Forbes J. Randy Rep. from VA
Foxx Anthony Secretary of Transportation
Gabourey Sidibe actor
Gayhart Rebecca Beverly Hills, CA
Gilbert C. Todd Delegate from VA
Hall Keith Dir., Congressional Budget Office
Harris Kamala Attorney General, CA
Helbig Grace LA
Hickenlooper John Wright Governor, Colorado
Hoffa James Pres., Teamsters Union
Hogan Larry Governor, MD
Hutchinson Asa Governor of Arkansas
Israel Steve Rep. from NY
Jabbar Kareem Abdul Athlete
James Deborah Lee Sec., U.S. Air Force
Jarrett Valerie The White House
Jenner Brody LA
Jewell Sally Secretary of Interior
Johnson Ron Senator, Wisconsin
Johnson Jeh Sec., Homeland Security
Johnson Kevin Mayor of Sacramento, CA
Johnson Steven NY/CA
Kaptur Marcy Rep. from Ohio
Kasich John Governor, Ohio
Klobuchar Amy Senator from MN
Kwanten Ryan LA
Lee Barbara Rep. from CA
Lerner Myla NY, NY
Lew Jack Sec. of Treasury
Lierman Brooke Delegate from MD
Love Mia Rep., Utah
Mabus Ray Secretary of the Navy
Maloney Carolyn Rep from NY
Markey Ed Senator from MA
McCarthy Gina EPA Administrator
McCaskill Claire Senator from Missouri
McHenry Patrick US Rep. from NC
Millett Patricia A. Circuit Court DC
Murphy Vivek Surgeon General 
Musk Elon Tesla Motors
Oakley Tyler LA
Parker Sean Napster
Pelosi Nancy Rep from CA
Perez Thomas Sec. of Labor
Piwowar Michael SEC Comissioner
Podwall Eric LA
Power Samantha US Amb. To UN
Priebus Reince Chairman, RNC
Rand Paul Senator, Kentucky
Reedus Norman actor
Rendell Ed Former Gov., PA
Rhodes Ben The White House
Rice Susan US Amb. To UN
Robinson Smokey LA
Rogers Mike Dir., National Security Agency
Romo Tony Dallas, TX
Rooney Tom US Rep from Florida
Ross Tracee Ellis Black-ish
Scalia Antonin Associate Justice, US Supreme Court
Schuette Bill Att. Gen of Michigan
Schultz Eric The White House
Scott Rick Governor, Florida
Seymour Jane LA
Spencer Roderick LA
Stabenow Debbie Senator from MI
Stanchfield Darby Actor
Stanchfield Darby
Stevenson Betsey The White House
Stewart Martha NY, NY
Stonestreet Eric Modern Family
Szubin Adam Treasury Dept.
Tatum Jenna Dewan LA
Trump Donald NY, NY
Trump Ivanka NY, NY
Vilsack Thomas Secretary of Agriculture
Washington Kerry actor
Waters Maxine Rep. from CA
Weingarten Randi Pres., Am. Fed. Of Teachers
Westmacott, Sir Peter British Amb. To US
Wetjen Mark Commissioner, CFTC
Wheeler Tom Chairman, FCC
Wittig Peter German Amb. To US
Woodard Alfre LA
Young Bellamy actor
Zients Jeff The White House

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