Thursday, October 9, 2014


Doris Kearns Goodwin’s next book will be on leadership, she told a crowd at a New Jersey college Wednesday night.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of No Ordinary Time, Team of Rivals and The Bully Pulpit said she wants to bring the leaders discussed in those works, and others, together for one book on how they governed.

“I’m going to bring all my guys in the room at the same time and write about more than I did tonight. What are the common attributes that they had? How did they do it differently in their time?” Goodwin told the audience at New Jersey City University in Jersey City during an appearance. “There’s something about leadership that I think there’s similarities over time. So it’s going to be a book about leadership and it will have in it Lincoln and FDR and Eleanor and LBJ will be there inevitably and Teddy etc., etc. So I’ve already started and I’m promising myself it’s only going to take two years instead of 10 and it won’t be as fat as these other books have been.”

Goodwin revealed the information in response to a question from an audience member following a speech about her experiences writing about history.

She also elaborated on why her next book will be shorter, stating: “I got a wonderful letter from a woman who read Bully Pulpit, which was wonderful at the first part of the letter because she really loved it. But she said she was reading it at night and one time she fell asleep when she was reading it and it fell on her nose and broke her nose. I’m betting that the next one will be thinner and nobody’s nose will be broken.”

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